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Enjoy better benefits, a safer workplace, and job security with the help of International Chemical Workers Union Council, a reputable workers union in Akron, Ohio. With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, our small labor union prides itself on helping employees have a voice in the workplace. We employ highly trained professionals to help you in every aspect of your journey.

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Chemical Workers Mourne the Loss of Union Brothers 

ICWU Local 45C.  On September 19, 2014 while working on a caustic line in the Axiall Natrium plant (ICWU Local 45C) 70% caustic blew out of the line injuring 2 of our members.  Mike Starkey was injured and Thomas Zanhow died on October 1, 2014.  Donations can be made to Mike Starkey and/or Tom Zanhows family by sending them to ICWU Local 45-C at the following address: 150 West Duerr Street, New Martinsville, WV 26155.

ICWU Local 900C.  DuPont employee Robert Tisnado died in the DuPont La Porte chemical leak Saturday, November 15, 2014.  Robert along with 3 other employees of DuPont died in the tragic incident, one of the other 3 was Roberts brother Gilbert Tisnado.  To read more details on the accident click here.


 The ICWUC Center for Worker Safety and Health has been involved from the beginning with government agencies to determine the cause of the accidents.  Our hearts pour out to our fallen brothers.




On June 6, 80 employees at Certain Teed wallboard plant in Proctor, West Virginia voted “Yes” to join the International Chemical Workers Union Council of the UFCW. In December an activist from Local 45c, Lance Heasley, was at a local restaurant and overheard workers talking about problems that their employer was giving them with increased healthcare costs as well as giving the workers very little respect on the job and he began speaking to the workers about his union. In April an organizing drive began in earnest. The company immediately hired Jackson Lewis for their anti-union campaign. International Reps. Ron Moore and Ted Deloach assisted Lance and filed the petition with the support of the workers organizing committee. The workers held together and won representation to better themselves and their families in Local 45c for years to come. Congratulations to the workers at Certain Teed! Good job, Lance, Ron, and Ted and Organizing Director George Ortiz!