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Enjoy better benefits, a safer workplace, and job security with the help of International Chemical Workers Union Council, a reputable workers union in Akron, Ohio. With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, our small labor union prides itself on helping employees have a voice in the workplace. We employ highly trained professionals to help you in every aspect of your journey.

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                Chemical Workers Welcome our new Local 1049C!


In the 1940s, the employees of PPG/Columbian Chemicals (Now just PPG) formed the International Allied Chemical and Alkali Workers Union Local #1,  an Independent Union.  With the changing times in the workplace, the members of the small Independent Union knew that they needed to affiliate with a larger International Union. After talking with many different International Unions, they found that the ICWUC/UFCW was the fit that they were looking for. In September, 2013, the Executive Board of the International Allied Chemical and Alkali Workers of America voted to put before their members their decision to affiliate with the International Chemical Workers Council of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.  A vote of the membership overwhelmingly chose the ICWUC/UFCW to represent them. The ICWUC has worked with them on numerous issues from safety to ongoing grievances. With the help of ICWUC President Frank Cyphers, Vice President and ICWUC Region 4 Director Jerry Hurocy, ICWUC Attorneys Randy Vehar and Bob Lowery, ICWUC Health and Safety Director Darrell Hornbeck and International Representative Ron Moore, our newly chartered Local 1049C is now a part of the UFCW.   Local 1049C members ratified their first three year contract as members of the ICWUC/UFCW on February 27, 2014.

Workers Working Together - Chemical Workers Union
Pictured at the left is the negotiation committee for  ICWUC Local 1049-C left to right, L. Mark Abernathy Sec/Treasurer, Jim Baily VP, Mike McCahn Trustee, Jim Canfield President

Union Sportsmen’s Alliance Offers No-Cost Membership to Chemical Workers
Partnership validates shared appreciation for the outdoors, value of union membership

If you hunt, fish, shoot or simply enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) is where you belong. There’s never been a better time to join because, thanks to the generous support from the International Chemical Workers Union Council (ICWUC) to the USA, a membership is being extended to you at no cost. That’s right, you can join for free!

As a sportsman or sportswoman, this is a benefit you will truly enjoy. The partnership between the USA and the ICWUC validates each of our organization’s shared appreciation for the outdoors and the value of union membership. USA member partners, like the ICWUC, provide resources that support the USA’s mission to unite the union community through conservation to preserve North America’s outdoor heritage.

"As a member in good standing, the Chemical Workers Union is proud to offer to you a no cost membership in the Union Sportsmen's Alliance,” said Frank Cyphers, President of the International Chemical Workers Union Council. “The USA is endorsed by the AFL-CIO and is North America's only 100% Union dedicated outdoor conservation organization. No longer do you need to reach out to any other organization for your hunting, fishing or sport shooting needs to be connected to the outdoors. You have it all in the USA."

With membership in the USA, active and retired members of the ICWUC are invited take advantage of access to the USA’s quarterly magazine, Union Sportsmen’s Journal, our dynamic website, special discounts, exclusive prizes and more. USA Members are also eligible to apply for a chance to hunt or fish on its national, award-winning television program, Brotherhood Outdoors.

“The USA is committed to growing its community of union sportsmen and women to enhance union members’ quality of life outside the workplace while helping to ensure a bright future for America’s outdoor traditions,” said Fred Myers, Executive Director of the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance.

By activating your membership in the USA, you become part of a major and influential voice for hunters, anglers and conservationists in North America. Together, we can secure more benefits, have a positive impact on conservation, offer more activities, and establish a true outdoor brotherhood and sisterhood that can strengthen our unions and serve as an example of good citizenship to our local communities.  Activate your no-cost membership today at www.unionsportsmen.org, or toll-free at: 877.872.2211.For more information, visit www.unionsportsmen.org or www.facebook.com/unionsportsmen.

While you are on the USA website, please consider a donation to help fund USA Work Boots on the Ground conservation projects that will create better access to the outdoors, improve wildlife habitat and pass on our nation’s outdoor heritage through youth mentoring programs.

You are Union. You are Sportsman. You Belong.